Accent Gel Eyeliner


Accent On Your Eyes!

Vividly clearly without spreading from deep eyeline to smoky make-up.

  • Clearly with super waterproof without spreading
    Form film layer with soft gel type strong against sweat & water and express vivid eyeline without spreading all day.
  • From deep eyeline to smoky make-up with elastic brush
    Express various thickness of eyeline with elastic soft touch brush from natural make-up to smoky make-up expression.
  • Integral brush with portability
    Portable with integral brush and easy for use anytime anywhere.
  • Comfortable use with low irritation for sensitive eyes
    Vegetal oil of jojoba & sesame oil enables comfortable use for sensitive eyes without worry.
  • How to use
    • Take reasonable amount with integral brush and softly apply along the eyeline.
    • Softly cleanse by using remover with cotton swab like melting down when cleansing.

No.1 Accent Black

Expiry: August 2018

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MCC Accent Gel Eyeliner_No.1 Accent BlackMCC Accent Gel Eyeliner_No.1 Accent BlackMCC Accent Gel Eyeliner_No.1 Accent Black


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