Greentea Mascara


Wellbeing mascara protecting around eyes with dramatic volume effect & organic green tea water.

  • Doll-like eyeline expression with rich volume
    Porous volume powder expresses eyelashes with rich volume without agglomerate and gives perfect setting as if eyelash curler is used.
  • Solution for sensitive eyes, protection system for irritation
    20% of ECO certified organic green tea water minimizes eyes irritation and natural origin wax protects eyes & mucous with superior fitting and so expresses natural eyelashes.
  • Washable cleansing mascara
    No remover type which doesn’t need point remover and cleanses mascara residues clearly only with warm water & rubbing.
  • How to use
    Apply like brushing down from the root of eyelashes and apply like slightly brushing up from the bottom of eyelashes.

No.1 Eco Volume

Expiry: July 2018

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MCC Greentea Mascara


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