Greentea Pen Eyeliner


Wellbeing mascara protecting around eyes with dramatic volume effect & organic green tea water.

  • Clear line up without spreading
    Increase drying speed by intense lasting system and able to apply easily with one touch without being spread. Also, express black line with superior long lasting power strong against sweat or tears.
  • Clear eyeline expression with deep black color
    Real black pigment expresses thick black line for accentuating plain eyeline.
  • Solution for sensitive eyes, protection system for irritation
    10% of ECO certified organic green tea water minimizes eyes irritation and natural origin wax protects eyes & mucous with superior fitting and so expresses natural eyelashes.
  • How to use
    Apply along the eyelash line from the front to the tip of eyes.
  • Type : No.1 Brush Type
    Thin & soft brush gives slim line for precise expression

Expiry: August 2018

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MCC Greentea Pen Eyeliner


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