Perfect Finish Pore Pact


Oil paper pact without oily sebum for baby-like skin

  • Soft baby-like skin expression with double control system
    Sebum control powder effectively absorbs excessive sebum & oil and sponge absorbs sebum one more time.
    Keep soft make-up all day without oily feeling.
  • Complete transparency! Smooth porcelain-like skin
    Natural tightening complex helps contract skin pore and cover with soft fitting power and expresses transparent & smooth skin.
  • Gorgeous make-up with no darkening
    Gorgeous pink color corrects dull skin tone to be lively and superior consistency keeps gorgeous make-up with no darkening for long.
  • 4-no addition formula for mild skin protection
    Minimize skin irritation with no addition of Paraben, Alcohol, Benzophenone, mineral oil and protect skin comfortably with Lavender & Camomile extracts.
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MCC Perfect Finish Pore Pact


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